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Update Faculty/Staff Bio

On the new Smeal web site, the faculty/staff bio reflects a new format. Key sections of the bio were designed from benchmarking peer institutions and input from a Smeal faculty focus group.

Key Elements
Faculty Staff
  • Personal Information
  • Departmental Information
  • Personal Homepage
  • Introduction
  • Current Research
  • Expertise/Research Area
  • Representative Publications
  • Media Mentions
  • Editorships
  • Education
  • Courses
  • Personal Information
  • Departmental Information
  • Introduction
  • Expertise/Research Area
  • Representative Publications
  • Education
  • Contact Me For
  • Professional Activities
  • Other Links of Interest

To update your bio information, go to:


Instructions below:

  1. On the WebAccess login screen, enter your Penn State Access Account userid (e.g. abc123) and password.
  2. Click on the "Edit My Profile" link on the "Search Smeal Directory" page, which will take you to the online form to update your bio.
  3. If you are editing the bio for the first time, please review the 'Contact Information' and 'Department Information' which has been prepopulated by Human Resources. Please note any changes to the 'Contact Information' and 'Department Information' will be automatically submitted to Human Resources for approval before being displayed on the live directory.
  4. Click on each section title of the bio to view the related fields available for editing. Complete your bio by filling in the empty fields. Remember to click the "Add" button at the end of each new line entered when adding information in any sections. Sections that are empty, or have nothing to report and are left blank will not be displayed on the live site.
  5. To assist in updating your bio information, you may copy and paste content from a text file such as Microsoft Notepad. Keep in mind that any text copied from a Word document may contain formatting information that may distort the bio's appearance.
  6. Click the "Preview" button that appears in the middle or bottom of the "Edit Bio Form" page to review your bio before final submission.
  7. To further edit your information as it appears on the "Preview" page, please click the "Revise" button at the bottom of the "Preview" page. Do not use the browser "Back" button as it may result in the loss of previous changes.
  8. If you are satisfied with the changes, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the "Preview" page. Any changes made to the bio will not appear in the directory until this "Submit" button is clicked. Also remember that any changes to the 'Contact Information' and 'Department Information' sections will need to be approved by Human Resources before being displayed.
  9. If you see that you have errors after you hit the "Submit" button on the "Preview" page, you will need to repeat the complete editing process starting from Step 1 above.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to webdev@smeal.psu.edu.

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