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Course Management System (ANGEL)

ANGEL is a Web-based tool that makes online teaching and learning accessible for everyone. Using ANGEL, instructors can easily distribute course content such as syllabi, course materials, links to articles, slideshows and multimedia. Instructors can use ANGEL features such as the discussion forum, quiz/survey tools, course mail and drop boxes to encourage student participation and collaboration.  ANGEL course spaces at Penn State are tied to the registrars – once you are on record as the instructor and have been added to the registrar’s system a space will be automatically created for you in ANGEL.  Access ANGEL.

ANGEL Community Hub

The ANGEL Community Hub is an open community for in-depth discussion around ANGEL, Penn State's Course Management System. Anyone with a Penn State User ID and password can join. Membership includes your own blog space to discuss matters related to ANGEL, the ability to read and comment on other member's postings, and access to other resources such as ANGEL shorts, a monthly publication during the semester covering the five essential things you need to know about a particular feature of ANGEL, and podcasts and movies covering various issues about ANGEL.  Visit the communities.

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