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Video Conferencing


Video conferencing allows two or more separate sites to talk to one another with full-motion two-way video, audio, and graphics (such as computer presentations). Typical academic applications of this technology would be giving a lecture to another university or to a conference, collaborating with a research colleague and receiving guest lecturers. Examples of administrative uses here at Penn State are job interviews and service committee work between branch campuses.


Most Business Building classrooms, conference rooms and offices can participate in video conferences using Smeal's mobile equipment.  The Auditorium, Trading Room, and several conference rooms have fixed equipment for quick setup.  In general, most universities, large corporations, business conference centers and Penn State academic and administrative units will have compatible equipment.

How To Participate

The first step is to call the RIIT Group at 865-0366 and ask to speak to a video conferencing specialist.  That individual can quickly determine the best facilities and technologies to use, and can make recommendations for the unit's department contact to submit a Web request using the Smeal Service Management Portal. For a simple person-to-person setup, two business days is sufficient advance notice, while for more complex events involving graphics and larger rooms, we require a week's notice.

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