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Computer Labs

Find information about the computer labs available at Smeal and across campus.

Trading RoomThere are numerous computer labs available for instruction, research, and student use at Smeal and across campus. Some are highly specialized labs such as the Rogers Family Trading Room which functions as a classroom, a lab that connects students to Wall Street, and an open computer lab for walk-in student use.

Specialized Smeal Computer Labs

There are four specialized computer labs in the Business Building. The Behavioral Research Lab is located in room 205 and is configured to support several types of behavioral research or instruction with small groups. The Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions is located in room 116 and has a capacity of 30 students.  The Supply Chain Lab provides cutting-edge technology and specialized software for students and faculty to study, simulate, and test the key relationships in end-to-end supply chains and is located in room 207. The Rogers Family Trading Room is located in room 115 and has a capacity of 55 students.

General Teaching Labs

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides numerous computer labs across campus, some of which are open to students, and some of which may be reserved for teaching. For information about these labs, please visit Student Computing Labs.