Research Instruction & Information Technology Group


View information about the available classrooms, conference rooms and common spaces in the Business Building.

Conference Rooms

The Business Building features 17 conference rooms of various sizes and configurations.  Some rooms offer a fixed meeting-style table with chairs, while others offer flexible furniture that can be arranged in multiple configurations.  All conference rooms are equipped with either a ceiling-mounted data projector and screen, or a wall-mounted display with connectivity for your laptop or other audio/visual devices.


The Business Building features many classrooms, ranging in size from 26 seats to 150 seats. There are 18 General Purpose Classrooms, and 6 Smeal Classrooms.

Who is responsible for the classrooms available for use?

  • General Purpose Classrooms - Scheduled by the Registrar's Office:
    002,003,004,005,006,007,008,009,010,102,103,104,105,106,107,108, 110, & 215
  • Smeal Classrooms - Scheduled by the RIIT Group:
    Business Building: 120,121,122,124,125, & 126

Who do I contact regarding scheduling a GPC classroom?

Contact the Registrar's office: 814-865-6357.

For more information on scheduling and the use of General Purpose Classrooms, please see Policy AD62.

Common Spaces

The Business Building offers several common spaces that may be reserved for events.  The Atrium is a 4-story open space that can accommodate up to 225 guests for dinners or presentations.  The Foyer is adjacent to the Atrium space and is located just outside the Auditorium, making it a common site for receptions.

Student Groups

Student groups wishing to reserve space in and around the Business Building must do so through the Student Affairs Office at the HUB.  Student Affairs is located in 125 HUB and can be contacted at 865-7973 or by email to  The staff at the HUB will put you in touch with the RIIT Group to confirm the space, but will first assist you with making sure all other University requirements for student events and the use of University spaces are met.

I'm not from the Smeal College. Can I reserve space in the Business Building?

All Penn State departments, and students are eligible to use spaces in the Business Building.  Please send an email request to