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How To Add/Edit An Event To The MBA Students Calendar

Learn how to add an event to the Smeal MBA Students calendar.

Note: Do not attempt to change the Display. Doing so will change the overall look of the calendar for all viewers.

Add an Event

  1. Using either the Firefox or Chrome browser, log into the CMS. The login button is found at the bottom right of the site in the footer.
  2. Navigate to the Events folder found at
  3. Found in the right hand of the menu bar near the top of the page, click the arrow beside Add New.
  4. Select Event.
  5. Click the Categorization tab in the gray bar.
  6. Under Event Types, put a check mark next to the tag(s) you'd like to apply from the scrolling list. This will allow your event to display on the calendar and will apply a color code. Note: Do not create a new tag. If a new tag is needed, please contact Chelsea to request it.
  7. Related Items, Language, and Change Note should not be used.
  8. Click Display in the gray bar to toggle back to the event form.
  9. Provide the Title of your event. (Upper and lower case) This is a required field.
  10. Provide a Description using one or two sentences. A description is required to meet accessibility standards.
  11. Provide the Event Location, if known.
  12. Provide Start and End dates and times.
  13. Provide Body Text, if desired. Learn more about adding page content.
  14. Attendees is usually not used.
  15. Provide an Event URL, if desired.
  16. Provide the Contact Name, E-mail, and Phone Number, if desired.
  17. Change Note should not be used.
  18. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  19. For the event to be visible on the calendar, it must be published. In the upper right hand corner, click the arrow beside State, and select Publish from the drop down.

Edit an Event

A hierarchical list of all contents of the Events folder can be found in the Contents area, found in the bar in the top left corner of the Events folder. Events that have been created can be found here, with the newest content at the bottom of the last page. When the item to be edited is found, click Edit from the left-hand side of the bar near the top of the page.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact .