Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Equipment Salvage

Learn what to do with a computer, printer, monitor, or other IT device that has reached the end of its useful life.

Once a computer, printer, monitor or other IT device has reached the end of its useful life you will want to dispose of it.  The Smeal College has adopted a policy to centrally manage the disposal of all IT equipment.  This allows us to maximize the use of equipment, often redistributing discarded items that may have a few useful years left in them, as well as to maintain an inventory of replacement parts we can draw from if we need to make emergency repairs, etc.  The RIIT Group removes all data from any computer that is sent to Lion Surplus (formerly Salvage and Surplus) to prevent future access to any information or research files that might have been saved on the machine.

If you have a piece of IT equipment that you no longer need, please have your department contact to submit a request using the Smeal Service Management Portal.  Upon receipt of the request, an individual from the RIIT Group will pick up the item and process it for disposal or redistribution within the College.

For other items such as software, desk accessories, lamps, etc., please consult Policy BS15 on the Disposal and Purchase of Obsolete, Surplus or Scrap University-Owned Equipment, Supplies and/or Materials.