Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Services & Support

Find the services offered by the RIIT Group by category as well as a list of all services.
Blogging Platforms

Learn how to publish information online quickly and easily using blogging platforms.

Building Maps

Maps of the interior of the Smeal Business Building.


Catering information and options in the Business Building.

Computer Labs

Find information about the computer labs available at Smeal and across campus.

Computer Support

Learn how to request assistance with your Smeal-owned computer and other IT devices.

Data Protection

Learn methods of data protection recommended by the RIIT Group.

Digital Dossier

Includes instructions for logging in and editing your digital dossier.

Digital Signage

Learn more on how to post to digital signage in the Smeal Business Building.

Equipment Salvage

Learn what to do with a computer, printer, monitor, or other IT device that has reached the end of its useful life.

Event Recording

Learn what resources are available for recording your event.

Get Keys

How to obtain office keys to the Business Building.

Graphic Design

Learn about the graphic design services offered by the RIIT Group.

Instructional Media

Find more information concerning Instructional media for the Smeal College of Business.


The Smeal Lightboard is a new addition to the RIIT Group's multimedia offerings. This technology lets the audience view both the instructor and their notes at the same time.


Find help for building maintenance issues in the Smeal College of Business.

Mobile Devices

Learn different options for accessing your Smeal Exchange email through a mobile device.

Multimedia Studios

The Multimedia Studios provide faculty and staff with a place to experiment with technologies to make them more productive in their teaching, research, and professional careers.

Penn State Yammer Network

Learn about this University-supported enterprise social network service that allows for private communication within an organization.

Personal Web Space

Find information about applying for web space made available to faculty, staff, and students at Penn State.


Find information related to cellular phones.


Learn about the publishing services offered by the RIIT Group.


Instructions for getting started with Smeal's instance of Qualtrics for College faculty, staff, and students.

Requesting Access to ACI

To access the ACI to run your computations or query data-sets, you will need to submit an account access request. This is done through a online form on the ACI website.


Learn how you can set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.

Smeal Exchange

Explore the sections of Outlook-Exchange @ Smeal in depth via the provided links.


Recommended minimum requirements for laptop and desktop computer purchases.


View information about the available classrooms, conference rooms and common spaces in the Business Building.


Find information pertaining to the temperature in the Smeal Business Building.

Video Production

Learn about the video production services offered by the RIIT Group.


Learn about web services provided by the RIIT Group for the Smeal College of Business.


Learn how to create collaborative web sites, researach collaboration, projects and conference plans, and create collaborative content using a wiki.