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Wireless Computing

Learn how to use Wireless Computing in the Business Building

How to use Wireless Computing in the Business Building

Penn State provides wireless networks in the Business Building as well as numerous other locations across campus.

Learn how to get connected.

Wireless 2.0 - No VPN Required

What Do I Need?

To get connected to the Penn State Wireless 2.0 service, you'll need:

The Penn State Wireless 2.0 service incorporates recent 802.1X wireless authentication and encryption methods that are aimed at enabling an improved level of security and improved performance. You no longer have to download a VPN or relaunch a VPN session when moving from building to building. Just open your laptop and you'll see the psu network.

Unplug and Fire Up a Connection!

It's easy to get connected to Penn State Wireless 2.0. All you have to do is

  1. Power up your laptop.
  2. Use the psu wireless network for your tasks.

AT&T Visitor Wireless

In conjunction with AT&T, Penn State offers the Visitor’s Wireless service.

The Smeal College of Business often hosts visitors, including potential students with their families, alumni, corporate associates, vendors, guests and more. To facilitate network access in our building, as a visitor to our campus, you may access our AT&T wifi visitor wireless service from your personal computer in our Business Building.