Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Event Recording

Learn what resources are available for recording your event.

Multiple options are available for recording your Smeal event.

RIIT Group Video Production

If your event occurs in the Business Building during regular business hours, you may request RIIT Group Video Production support for your event. Please note that requests are subject to staff and equipment availability, and are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Following the recording, the RIIT Group will assist with editing, preparing, and posting of the content as appropriate.

FEES: Your department will be charged the current RIIT Group Staff Support fee for each individual supporting the recording (typically 1) for the duration of the recording plus setup/tear-down time.  We do not charge for video editing services.

If you'd like to request a recording, please contact the RIIT Group or submit a Multimedia request via the Smeal Service Management Portal.

Lecture Capture

If your event occurs in one of the MBA Classrooms (120-126 BB), the Auditorium (110 BB), or the Trading Room (115 BB), Smeal's lecture capture system may be used to record the event.  In rooms 120-126 BB, the lecture capture system can record room audio plus whatever is displayed on the main projector (no video).  In rooms 110 BB and 115 BB, the system can capture room audio, the main projector, and video.

The main advantage of using the lecture capture system is that event recordings can be scheduled in advance, for any time of the day, and will automatically record without any human interaction.

There are no costs associated with using the lecture capture system.  If you're interested in scheduling a recording, please contact or submit a Multimedia request via the Smeal Service Management Portal.

Penn State MTSS (MediaTech)

If you're event occurs outside of business hours, or outside of the Business Building, we recommend utilizing the Penn State University Libraries MTSS recording services.  MTSS requires 72 hours advance notice for scheduling and requests are subject to technician/equipment availability.

After your recording, MTSS typically sends a Box@PSU link to the unedited media files.  If your media needs to be edited or posted for viewing, the RIIT Group can assist with these steps.

FEES: MTSS will bill you for the technician time and rental fee for the equipment they use.

If you'd like to request a recording, please contact MTSS via phone (814-865-5400) or email UL-MTSSEQ@LISTS.PSU.EDU.  Additional information can be found on the MTSS website.

Class Recordings
If your event is part of a regularly scheduled class for a credited course (guest speaker, team presentation, etc.), MTSS will provide the recording service at no cost.  More information can be found on the MediaTech - Video Recording Class Presentation page.


Another option for recording your event is WPSU, however, they are typically a more costly option than RIIT or MTSS.  If you have advanced needs for coverage of your event, WPSU may be an ideal option.  For more information, contact WPSU at 814-865-3333.