Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Privacy and Security Policies

Audit Policy: SCB–AP–AD20

This policy provides the authority for members of the College’s I.T. security team and the University’s Security Office to conduct security audits on any system within the Smeal College of Business in accordance with University policy AD20.

Data Backup Policy: SCB–DB-­‐01

This policy provides College faculty and staff with an overview of backup services offered by the Research, Instruction, & Information Technology (RIIT) Group. Backup services provide for recovery of files that may have been accidentally erased or for disaster recovery in the event of a system or disc failure.

Server Security Policy: SCB–SSP–01

Find information concerning standards for the base configuration of internal server equipment that is owned and/or operated by the Smeal College of Business, including servers operated at the departmental level for research purposes.