Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Clickers in the Classroom

Learn about the standardized student response system approved for use at University Park.

image of iclicker response deviceThe i>clicker student response system is available in all ITS-managed technology classrooms at University Park. The system allows instructors to easily pose a multiple choice question to the class, to which students respond by pressing A, B, C, D, or E on a response device called a 'clicker.' Responses are compiled and stored for immediate evaluation and/or later grading. Responses can be anonymous or tied to a student id, and gradebook integration with ANGEL and Canvas is easy for instructors who wish to provide incentive for student participation.

Pedagogical uses of clickers include gauging student knowledge on a topic, providing instant feedback, improving class interaction and participation, and promoting more thoughtful discussion.

Once purchased i>clickers must be registered for use by students. Information about how to register i>clickers for use in ANGEL or Canvas, as well as links to instructor resources can be found at the Clickers at Penn State website,