Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Blogging Platforms

Learn how to publish information online quickly and easily using blogging platforms.

A blog is a simple-to-use tool that empowers you to publish online quickly and easily. Simply stated, it is a website that you can easily update and contribute to from anywhere you have an Internet connection. At Smeal there are several options available to get started:

    1. Sites at Penn State makes it simple to publish your information to the web. Anyone can build a site for portfolios, learning activities, blogging, clubs, units or departments, and many other uses. Begin your site in just a few minutes using this simple form. Sites at Penn State is powered by WordPress, an open-source web publishing platform supported by hundreds of contributors around the world. Visit the Sites At Penn State website for more information.
    2. The Smeal Blogs are a free service, provided by the RIIT Group, for the Smeal community. Anyone can signup for a blog if you have a or email address. If you do not have a smeal or psu email address and would still like to have an account, please contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange. Like Sites at Penn State, Smeal Blogs are not tied to personal web space and are powered by WordPress.