Research Instruction & Information Technology Group


Learn how to create collaborative web sites, researach collaboration, projects and conference plans, and create collaborative content using a wiki.

A wiki is a web page that allows many users to collaborate together on creating, editing and publishing texts to the Internet.  This tool is often useful for creating collaborative web sites, researach collaboration, project or conference planning and creating collaborative content.

WikiSpaces is a service provided by Information Technology Services (ITS). It is intended to support Penn State-associated collaboration and is limited to that purpose. Spaces must be created and sponsored by Penn State faculty or staff. The sponsor may authorize access to a space for collaborators other than Penn State faculty and staff based on individual user IDs or LDAP groups when appropriate for the purpose of that space. Anonymous read access can be allowed, but anonymous editing is disallowed. Penn State policy AD-20 - Computer and Network Security and all associated Penn State policies apply.