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Lecture Capture

Learn more about Smeal's lecture capture services.

Smeal's 6 MBA classrooms (120-126 BB), as well as the Auditorium (110 BB) and Trading Room (115 BB), are equipped with a lecture capture system that is capable of capturing all room audio along with anything being projected on the main projector.  The system can be scheduled to automatically record all classes in a given course and deliver to the students or can be used to record individual classes or events.  The system that we are currently running is the echo360 platform.

Why Use Lecture Capture?

For Instructors

  • Provide faculty with the ability to self-assess teaching approach by periodically viewing recordings
  • Give instructors the option to assign lectures outside of class and focus on engaging activities in class
  • Provide compliance with Section 508 for students with disabilities (cognitive and/or physical) with little effort
  • Develop content for future use

For Students

  • Give students, especially non-native english speaking students, the ability to review lectures and absorb difficult concepts in their own time
  • Provide students with a study tool available virtually anytime, anywhere
  • Allow students to focus on discussion during class and take detailed notes while reviewing the recordings afterward
  • Allow students to watch lectures due to missed classes so the entire class can proceed together

100% Automated

A key feature of our lecture capture system is that, if you prefer, there's nothing that you need to do before, after or during class in order for your lectures to be recorded and delivered to your students.  Conversely, if you'd like to have some manual control over the system or the ability to approve/edit recordings before delivery, that is also supported.

More Features

  • Scheduled/automated recording and delivery to students in Angel with the option to hold recordings for approval before publishing
  • Web-based content editing and upload
  • Captures room audio plus anything on the computer screen/projector - If you use a laptop and display that on projector, the system will capture that instead of the podium PC
  • Room audio captures the instructor as well as student questions/interactions
  • No lavaliere microphone to wear!!!  (unless you want to)
  • Confirm, pause, stop and extend recordings from web dashboard on podium
  • View student usage statistics
  • Students can create bookmarks within recordings
  • Students can search recordings for specific content
  • Discussions linked directly to a point in therecording can be created
  • Recordings can be submitted for closed captioning
  • Ad Hoc recordings can be created from the podium PC
  • Option to create content from your office/home/other classroom and deliver alongside MBA classroom recordings

Please contact the RIIT Group if you would like to learn more about lecture capture or send an email to: