Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

First Level

A map of the first level of the Smeal Business Building, which includes the atrium, Blue Chip Bistro, auditorium, trading room, student organizations, Corporate Relations, MBA classrooms and Commons, and Undergraduate Commons.

First Level Map of the Smeal Business Building

From the main entrance, there is a view down the length of the two-story-high entry lobby, through the atrium to the Meadow beyond. On the right are a series of seating areas, where students can hold informal group discussions while being connected to the campus IT network. The lobby glass wall includes doors onto the Terrace, Smeal's own south-facing courtyard, offering space for informal outdoor gatherings, planned events, and chairs and tables for outdoor dining.

On the left are doors to a formal lecture hall, a state-of-the-art 150-seat auditorium. Smeal's specialized instructional labs look down from a second floor balcony above. At the end of the lobby, the visitor will pass under a second floor bridge into the high, sunlit atrium. The atrium is the school's central gathering space, with informal seating for 80 people, and the ability to seat 400 for events. The highlight of this space is the four-story-high window wall, with views across the Meadow and Arboretum to the distant mountains. On the left are the elevators and main staircase, leading to every floor in the building. On the right is the entry to Saxby's, with doors leading out to the terrace, and a range of food offerings.

Beyond the café is the entry to the graduate classroom wing and Commons. The Commons features a professional ambiance, comfortable seating, and tables to facilitate group discussions. A glass wall allows views of a small private garden to the south. The classrooms are arranged along a wide corridor, and are equipped with the latest in display technology. This wing offers an ideal environment for the students—distinct, yet connected to the life of the College as a whole.

To the left of the Atrium is the Undergraduate Commons, a more intimate gathering space for undergraduate students. Adjacent to the Commons are seven undergraduate classrooms. These classrooms range in size from 25-person seminar rooms to 60-person tiered Socratic classrooms. Nine additional undergraduate classrooms are located directly below on the Lower Level , connected to the first floor by several stairways.