Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Second Level

A map of the first level of the Smeal Business Building, which includes the Undergraduate Education offices, behavioral lab and e-business lab, Supply Chain lab, dinner theater lab, Dean's Suite, MBA programs, Human Relations, and the Financial Office.

Second level map of the Smeal Business Building

Departing the undergraduate classroom wing, beside the atrium are the stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs is a gathering space, close to Undergraduate Student Services and the school's central mailroom. Off the gathering space is an exterior balcony overlooking the Meadow. Further west along the second floor balcony, are the Specialized Instruction Labs on the right. At the end of this balcony is a bridge to the Development & Alumni Relations suite, overlooking the main entry doors.

One may return to the main stair at the atrium and cross the bridge to the south wing. Directly ahead is the College Leadership suite. The MBA Student Services suite is encountered in the south wing on the corner, looking into the atrium. Elsewhere on that level is a suite of conference rooms, allowing faculty, alumni, students and business groups to set up coordinated seminars.