Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Third Level

A map of the third level of the Smeal Business Building, which includes Insurance & Real Estate department, Finance department, Accounting department, MBA Communication program, Executive Programs, and teh Center for Global Business Studies.

Graphic map of the third level of the Smeal College of Business.

The third and fourth floors contain all the faculty and doctoral student offices as well as department offices and research centers. They are organized to encourage the kind of informal, serendipitous encounters that are the hallmark of successful, innovative organizations. Each wing of the building is introduced by an informal gathering space adjacent to the atrium bridge. The plans balance the faculty's need for privacy with a desire to maximize openness and community. The office suites for the departments and research centers are interchangeable, to maximize long-term flexibility. On the third floor, a large landscaped terrace above the lobby provides an outdoor gathering space for the faculty.