Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Atrium/Foyer Layouts

Layout options for the Atrium

What's Available

The links listed below detail furniture/equipment layouts available for Business Building Atrium/Foyer Area.

To Schedule

All requests for the Atrium/Foyer area, as well as any requests for alternative layouts for your event, must be submitted via CollegeNET. Each department has a designated individual with access to this system and all requests should go through that department contact. For information about whom to contact, or in the case of an emergency call the RIIT Group directly at 865-0366.

Please note that maximum event occupancies may not be exceeded as they are based on the Penn State Environmental Health and Safety Department’s Event Fire Safety Requirements.

Please note: Some layouts require several hours of set-up and tear-down time.  Please be specific in your request about the desired layout for your event so we are able to build in the appropriate amount of set-up and tear-down time.