Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

How to Create a New Page

Learn how to create a new web page in the CMS.

Browse to the area of your site where you would like to put the new page. Click "Add new" and then click "Page."

Click "Categorization" and choose section(s) where the page should exist.

Enter the "Title,"  which should be upper and lower case. Example: My New Page

Enter a one or two sentence "Summary" of the page. You may incorporate keywords into your sentences, but refrain from using keywords alone.

Add your page content, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save." Be sure to review the page to make sure the content is correct, and that there are no misspellings. When the page is ready to be published, click the arrow beside "State," and then click "Publish." This will change the state of the page to "Published."