Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

How to Log In and Out of the CMS

Learn how to log in and out of the CMS.

Login Page

You can log into the CMS by clicking the login link found at the bottom of the site. Your Penn State UserID and Password are required.

Additional Information

After you log in you may see a message that says, "You are now logged in." At this point you can use the navigation to browse to your section of the site. Once logged in successfully, you will see a green bar at the top of the page.

How to log out

When you are finished making changes to the site, just close your browser window.

Note: If you are browsing through the site and don't know whether or not you are logged into the CMS, you can tell by looking for the Log In link at the bottom of the site. If you are logged in, the Log In link will have your name in it.