Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

Adding & Approving New Members for CSCR Members Website

Specific instructions pertaining only to the CSCR Members Website. Explains how to add new members to the password-protected section. Must have site admin access to complete.

The potential member will go to the registration form found at and fill out their information. Once filled out, they will be directed to a Thank You page with information about the next steps. They will also receive a Thank you/Confirmation email.  

You will receive a notification email that has all of their information to setup their account.  Please note, no account is automatically generated for them, so they will have no access to the site until you perform the following steps to create the account:

  • Log in to the CSCR site. Once successfully logged in, the login link will display your name
  • Click your name, and choose Site Setup
  • Click Users and Groups. Do not click anything else in this area
  • Click Add New User
    • Enter the Full Name
    • Enter the Username you received in the email
    • Enter the Email address you received in the email
    • Do Not Enter a password
    • Leave the check mark for
    • Under Location, add the Company Name
    • Add new user to CSCR Members Group
    • Click Register

The user will receive an email that looks like this:

Subject: User Account Information for CSCR Members

Welcome New User,

Your user account has been created.
Your username is abc123.
Please activate it by visiting

Please activate your account before Dec 08, 2016 01:30 PM

They will then be able to set their password and be forwarded to a password reset success page with this text:

Password set
Your password has been set successfully. You may now log in with your new password.
Please continue to the  CSCR Members Area to log in and access its information.