Research Instruction & Information Technology Group

How to Log In to the CMS

Learn how to log in to the CMS.

Plone 5 Users

  1. Go to the Smeal website you have access to edit.
  2. Click the login button found at the lower left of the page in the footer.
  3. Go to the section you have permission to edit.
  4. When you reach the section you're able to edit, you'll see the black editing bar running down the left side of the page that contains the option to add new content.

Everyone Else (Student Websites, Intranet)

After you log in you will see a message that says, "You are now logged in." At this point you can use the navigation to browse to your section of the site. As you browse through the site, it will look the same as usual until you get to the section of the site that you have access to edit. When you are in your section of the site, you will see green tabs at the top of the page.